Caring for your Eyewear

Here are a few hints and tips to keep your new glasses looking great for a long time:

When they’re not on your face, keep them in the case!
Glasses are an investment and we want them to last a long time. They go through a lot, with little knocks and bumps making them go out of shape, and we see glasses being eaten by dogs and broken by children (sometimes vice versa) more often than you’d think! We provide cases with all new frames and there are always plenty in stock if you need to replace an old one.

Cleaning your glasses
Clean your glasses with the microfibre cloth provided and a lens cleaning solution or specially designed pre-moistened lens wipes. If you do not have a lens cleaner, rinse them under a tap, use a mild detergent to clean the lenses, rinse again and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Handling your glasses
Take your glasses off with both hands and don’t wear them on top of your head. This stops them becoming out of shape and slipping down your nose. Keep them away from solvents like hair spray, and high heat.

Come to see us every now and again for a glasses MOT, we’d be happy to see you again!

The best way of preventing scratches is by keeping them in a case when you are not using them. Cleaning them with the microfibre cloth we provide with your new glasses is best, even a cotton t-shirt can be abrasive.

Unfortunately, there is no way of removing scratches from lenses, and while there are some websites that claim they have the answer to removing scratches, their solutions (which include toothpaste and glass etching cream) often end up leaving the lenses very smeary or cause the protective lens coatings to break down. A good way of preventing scratches is applying a premium scratch resistant coating, and we offer several including Zeiss DuraVision Platinum which, as well as being scratch resistant, are dirt, oil and water resistant meaning they are very easy to clean.

Fogging lenses!

Whether you work in an environment such as a kitchen, are a surgeon who wears a mask while on the operating microscope, or if you are out and about during Covid-19 and are wearing a mask, a big issue for a lot of people is their lenses fogging up! There are plenty of ways to overcome this:

  • Make sure your mask fits well, especially at the top of your nose and cheeks
  • Try twisting the ear straps so that they form an “X” just in front of your ears. This pulls the mask tighter at the top and allows hot air to escape from the sides.
  • Breath through your nose more. This pushes air downwards rather than towards the mask and upwards.
  • Ask us to make sure your glasses are adjusted properly. In some cases, we can move the glasses forward to provide more space between the lenses and your face.
  • Contact lenses can be a great option for most people, and don’t fog up!
  • Wipe your lenses with an anti-fog wipe, spray or wax. We stock some products, originally designed for extreme sports, which help stop your lenses from fogging up.