Dry and watery eye clinic

Do you suffer with gritty or watery eyes?

If so, we provide a comprehensive service including assessments, in-practice treatments such as punctal plug fitting and Blephex blepharitis management, and at-home treatments such as drops, gels, ointments, hot compresses and lid cleaning solutions. Call us, or pop into the practice for more information.

Dry and watery eye clinic

The NHS-funded eye examinations allow optometrists to provide only a very basic investigation into the cause of dry or watery eyes, and waiting for a hospital appointment in more severe cases can take some time. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the cause of your dry or watery eyes. This involves questionnaires, in-depth discussions on your risk factors, thorough investigation of the type or types of tear dysfunction you have, making a diagnosis and planning your personalised treatment and reviewing you at a later date. We can offer lifestyle advice, advice on which drops, gels or ointments are best for you, prescribing specialist medications, and advising on your suitability for punctal occlusion or Blephex.

Please note you need to have had a full eye examination in the last six months to attend this type of appointment.

Blepharitis care

If you have previously been told that you have blepharitis but are still bothered by it we have a wide variety of options to help you manage including warm compresses, lid cleaning solutions, a wide selection of artificial tear drops and ointments, as well as in-practice treatments. See our ‘Blepharitis care’  section for more information.

Punctal plugs
More severe cases of dry eye can be treated with punctal plugs, which are little implants that sit in the puncta (drainage channel) in your eyelids. Once fitted, you are unable to feel them. This slows down your tear drainage meaning that people often need to reduce how often they need to use eye drops, and some stop completely.